Song of a Spirit:
Play Guide
Basic Instructions:
How to play:

Move around with W A S D keys, use your mouse to interact with objects and environment. You can mine resources from trees, crystals and rocks. Press and hold on a resource to mine it.

You can open a Crafting Bench, a Grinding Bench, a Smelting Station, and a Music Totem. You must be close to a bench or toten to open it's inventory. When inside an inventory, pressing Escape once will to close the bench or totem inventory, pressing Escape a second time will close your own inventory too.

You can open your inventory using the "I" Key.

You have 36 inventory slots, of which, 6 bottom slots are tool holders Placing certain tools and selecting them will open special abbilities. You can select these using keys 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, while key 1 will select your hands.
Crafting Stations:
Various Crafting stations can be created to produce more advanced tools and goodies. Certain Recipes can only be created in certain orientations in a crafting grid.
Raw Resources:
Craftable Resources:
Musical Mechanics:
Note and Timing Orbs:
These little orbs, smelted from a Living Thing and a mix of various dusts and additives will produce a different sound based on it's ingredients. Some orbs can produce a wide range of tones, others are limited to but a few sounds. A tone orb will Crack if you are to attempt to have it play an unfammiliar tone. Enough cracks will casuse the orb to Shatter.
These plates are used as measuring tools, use them to tell Time when craftine something musical.